Smashing Good Times

**UPDATE (not for bots or stalkers)**

Search engines sometimes jump the track, and if you think maybe you have found this blog by accident, please give this some thought:

There are no accidents.

For whatever reason, this old post announcing my impressive high dive off the e-publishing platform Smashwords gets hits almost every Friday. Maybe it’s the word Friday or baby. Maybe it’s the word Smash. Hell, it could be the word analog. I don’t know. All I know is, unless you’re a bot or a stalker, you may want to check out other posts on You’re already here and if you don’t find anything worth reading, you’re only one click away from someplace better.

Thank you for reading and remember, a click is a terrible thing to waste. ~~Peace~~


My Analog Days Are Over Baby!

Summoning The Strength is now available as an ebook for people who like to read on the fly.

Find it at Smashwords for the most popular devices.

and once again…..