The New Super Tuesday, Yes That’s Today

Today is about doing something. We don’t need new legislation or a new administration, a wee gee board, or even a magic 8 ball to tell us the right thing to do. (All are equally helpful, of course.)

Someone will be hungry today in communities all across this country and around the world. I am not suggesting a single-handed attempt to end world hunger. What I am saying is that one person paying attention is more likely to make a profound impact in the life of another person than waiting for government leaders (if that is what we are calling them) to stop making laws and pay attention to what is happening all around them. (Yes, I am a little attitudinal today.) Instead of just saying AY( )KM and going about my business, I decided to have an early Super Tuesday 2012 of my own.

Empty Bowls is what is called a grassroots organization. It began with an idea and has grown into a worldwide effort to feed the hungry.  A group of high school art students in Michigan decided to host a fundraiser where people of all kinds would be able to enjoy a simple meal of soup and bread served in a decorative ceramic bowl. Guests were asked to keep the bowl as a reminder of those who suffer from hunger. Empty Bowls events are now held all over the world and have raised millions of dollars toward the fight against hunger.

Without need of a headquarters, board of directors or rules of engagement people in communities around the globe host unique events that benefit all citizens who choose to participate. Dallas’ Empty Bowls events alone have provided two million meals over the last eleven years! The event is underwritten by my favorite store, Tom Thumb, where I have made connections in the produce department and by the gift card display. (In Colorado this store is called Safeway.)

The 2012 event in Dallas is Friday, March 9th from 11:00a.m. – 1:00 p.m. at Meyerson Symphony Center located at 2301 Flora St. Dallas, TX. Discerning diners can sample soups, breads and desserts from local restaurants and food purveyors in North Texas, plus select a handmade bowl created by an area artisan and listen to classical music by Young Strings. All proceeds benefit the Food Bank. To find out more, check out this site NTFB or Google Empty Bowls.

How fortunate for those students attending that Michigan high school that the budget makers saw fit to provide money for an art teacher. How wonderful it is that music teachers here in Dallas are giving students a positive way to express themselves in a public forum with the gift of music. Schools need teachers who help students look beyond the iPad and turn off the iPod and notice what is going on in the world. Technology is a great tool when combined with teachers who show students they are not powerless to make a difference in a world they don’t understand. Support public school teachers, even the ones who defy understanding, they too could use a kind gesture and who knows, they may learn something from our willingness to understand their point of view. Have a Super Tuesday.


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