Nothing But Net

The Mavs eclipsed the Suns 93/87 last night at the American Airlines Center. If you are interested in the details of the game there will probably be some banter on Sports Center about Shawn Marion’s superior swooshing 29 points and the foul exchange that resulted in Sebastian Telfair being ejected from the game. This post isn’t a play-by-play of the game even though I know how much my color commentator skills are enjoyed. No, this post is about my experience of the game. (What else?) BTW the Suns jerseys are a vibrant orange on the Jumbo Tron, but really they more closely resemble watered down Tang.

The venue is impressive. Designers of the American Airlines Center are geniuses. The section that might have been considered by some as less than desirable seating was given the name platinum level and the extraordinary food choices are complemented by personal service right at your seat. The Pepsi Center in Denver also has this upscale option for “real fans” of not just sports but all sorts of events. We saw a hockey game there once as well as Stars on Ice and a couple of concerts. (I was thinking how nice it would be if there were an American Airlines Elementary or a Pepsi Center High.)

Anyway, I had no vested interested in last night’s game. Meaning I had not bet a server at my favorite neighborhood bar and grill a drink as I did when the Crimson Tide rolled over LSU. (What was that kid thinking?) He paid up though and was very nice about it. For me, last night’s game was more about taking in the sights and sounds of the place. The tickets were generously given to us and we attended with another couple. I am energized by being around people and I often look for opportunities to talk to anyone. Some people don’t want to talk during a game. (I don’t know why.)

We settled into our seats and ordered some food. It had just arrived and we were maneuvering the cardboard boxes & drinks when it was time to rise for the National Anthem. The singer’s voice was nothing short of awesome. The Star Spangled Banner gives me chills each time I hear it and this time was no different, except I couldn’t put my hand over my heart because I was trying to hold my drink and not drop my box of grilled chicken. Suddenly the usher came over and asked to see our tickets. It seemed someone was in the wrong seats. It turned out to be the unaccompanied minors sitting next to us, and they whisked away without even taking their monster sized drinks. Then two different people took the seats next to me. As you may have guessed it wasn’t long before a conversation starter found its way into my path and in the wink of a TV timeout I was chatting with the newcomers.

As it happens we had quite a lot in common. I won’t go into the details. Suffice to say, people and places are connected. (All is right in my world.)  See, that was nothing like a wordy play-by-play. Plus no video today. (Things are looking up for you too.) Thanks for reading.

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