You Hit The Nail Right On The Head

…..Of course, where else would I hit it?

There are times when I am a little too in touch with my feminine side. Those are usually the moments my husband likes to provoke me by saying, “You are such a girl.” That snaps me right out of my summer of love moonchild self and back to reality.

I like to think of myself as a strong person. Being stubborn isn’t strength and neither is being rebellious. (At different times in my life I have been both.) For all of my many faults (of which I am painfully aware) I do have some St. Bernard like redeeming qualities. These qualities are what keep me going when my body starts becoming unreliable. I am in desperate need of eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. I would settle for five. Neither warm milk nor Jack Daniels can help me. Meditation, deep breathing, and visualizing myself floating down a lazy river on a bed of Lotus blossoms hasn’t done the trick either. So I shuffle from side to side and rumple the covers. I try to find comfort on the cool side of the pillow and after an hour or so of that craziness; I get up and make my way to the place I hope will bring me some relief. (No, not the fridge.)  

I don’t know why I go through the routine of checking email at 3a.m. Not even a spammer is up at this hour. I think and think some more and before I know it, on the page is a semi-coherent thought. I suppose I will always be Summoning The Strength to pull it together.

Oh, I see a new follower has joined us here at honiebriggs. I sure hope it is a real person and not another fake blogger collecting data to send me offers for Viagra from Captain Tammy Faye or an urgent, important message from a bank in the UK wanting to deposit my inheritance from my Auntie M. PLEASE!  It’s funny in a ridiculously maddening sort of way. You know those people who say things like, “don’t sweat the small stuff” or “let it roll like water off a duck’s back?” They are verbal spammers. If I had a nickel for every piece of useless, cracker-jack advice like that….(attitude I know) I’m not sure who is worse spammers or venters.  They do have equally annoying qualities. So I will leave you with this.

It’s Friday! Get out there and pretend like you’re at a Lover Boy concert. Maybe I’ll get lucky if I warm up some milk. (We’re all out of Jack Daniels.)