Old School Golden Rule

Insightful and intelligent people inspired the writing of Summoning The Strength. My gratitude to them is immense. My co-superhero and her friend the brave, gracious catalyst top the list. The beacon of hope and optimism, the bold tell it like it is lady, plus my cherished friend, who left this life too soon and her mother whose stamina amazes me are all far above rubies! Talented editors, who challenged me to endeavor to do better and whose exceptional skill helped bring it all together are first class! Certainly credit goes to my beloved husband and our two adult children, who have made my life worth living and taught me just how strong I can be.

Summoning The Strength is dedicated to my father, who taught me if I give the world my very best, I will get kicked in the teeth, but that I should do it anyway. 

Rudyard Kipling, whose wit and wisdom I will always treasure.

Madame Curie and Albert Einstein, whose science and sensibilities are remarkable. Thanks for the gifts that keep on giving. Volunteers who staff relief agencies, crisis intervention centers, public gardens and public parks give time and energy to make the world a better place. Empty Bowls, Meals on Wheels, The Red Cross, Crisis Control Ministries, Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts, Metrocrest Social Services, Master Gardeners, and 4H are worth our time and resources to support.

Ford Motor Company is a family business and shining example of the American Dream. Thanks for making great vehicles and not asking for a bailout. Acknowledgements in books are rarely even read by anyone other than those of us who are thrilled to see our names written on something besides junk mail or a headstone. (I want mine to say, “You should see the other guy!”)

I spent a lot of time writing the acknowledgements page in my book. I tried very hard to get it right, but I still made a mistake and published it with someone’s name spelled incorrectly. There are many other people who have influenced me but were not mentioned. I owe them either my humble service or a swift kick.

To my former teachers and employers as well as current and future readers, I say thank you. You all mean the world to me.

Some people think whoever has the gold makes the rules. Come on, we know better than that! Don’t we?