Did I Say Jogging? I Meant Blogging

Let’s face it; extra pounds are not good for our health. We don’t need charts and calipers to tell us when we have too much junk in the trunk. No matter how much we try to justify our middle age spread or how many euphemisms we come up with for our love handles, fat is fat.

I have found over the years that New Year’s resolutions are good for two things: Motivating me to put down the Doritos or driving me to the market for a party size bag. You may be asking, “What’s she got against Doritos?” NOTHING. That’s the point, but I refuse to battle or struggle because I know it is up to me to choose not to waddle or jiggle. Meal plans, shakes, pills, books, websites, videos, personal trainers, and all the rest will not make one bit of difference unless I am ready to do the work.

Mix it, weigh it, take it, or pay it, but in the end I have to MOVE IT!

Since beginning this blog, I have learned, grieved, laughed, searched, not slept too much, and not exercised at all. I did a lot of stress eating in 2011. Not the sub-conscience snacking on the sofa kind. No, I indulged in the pulled pork, fried onions and una cerveza más, por favor kind. Our neighborhood bar and grill was where it all went down. We have a favorite server and a favorite bar tender and those two know customer service! Brinker’s International needs to pay off their student loans or give them a bonus of some kind. They anticipated my every desire and I am grateful to them for it because even though I wasn’t choosing from the lighter fare menu, they understood it was my choice to spend my money there. They delivered the goods when I was on the ragged edge after a long flight or a long day of re-writes on my book. If they are reading this, Thanks!!

Just before the holidays I rewarded myself with new sweatpants and some new curvy girl jeans. After all the family was coming and we were going to hit the town. I couldn’t go out in public in sweatpants! Now it’s time to pay the piper. So I won’t be training for a marathon but I will be doing what I know must be done. Oh yeah, that also includes parking it right here for however long it takes to bring the bit of attitude I haven’t left out on the trail. Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “Did I Say Jogging? I Meant Blogging

    1. Hey There Catherine! I’m not sure if I am motivated enough to sweat my guts out just yet. Without you here to get the peer pressure going, I may have to stay in slacker mode until I can ramp up for Bikram again. Who knows how long that will take.

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