Better Blogging Through Observation

Seeing is believing. Or is it? Citizens of the Show Me State certainly would not believe a horrific event in the Sunshine State captured the attention of a college student in the Empire State or that someone in the Lone Star State read what she had to say about her outrage, disgust, and sorrow. My admiration for the courage of that young person is larger than Big Sky Country. Over and over again I have come across articles that say the information generation is plagued by apathy, lethargy, ignorance, and attention deficit. Reports have also said that our nation is doomed to failure because we repeat our mistakes. I have reflected on these opinions and even after witnessing occurrences of these behaviors, I must wholeheartedly disagree with those assessments. Through the ages each generation has been challenged by the future and conflicted by the past. I believe experience is a bridge to the place where we can see for ourselves what divides us is never greater than what unites us. We just have to open our eyes and be willing to step into the gap.

A look back at my experience of the past 12 months yielded 25 words.

Hard Traveled Unraveled

Explode Reload

Perfection Obsession

Volunteer Disappear

Decorate Celebrate Medicate

Share Care Despair

Daze Glaze Phase

Refuse Rejection

Choose Connection

Composure Closure


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