Creditors, Predators, and Blogging Insomniacs

Offers are pouring in from everywhere. The postal service delivers important financial information to me daily. Like clockwork the mail truck arrives in my neighborhood bringing cards, letters, and sometimes packages that I have come to expect with great curiosity as to why anyone would extend credit to me when I do not have an income. My email is bulging with messages from people who need my immediate attention. They must know I am waiting to hear from them just as I sign in, for there they are always with something special for me to click my way to happiness and fulfillment.

Last night as I was trying to fall asleep, it occurred to me that it must be my book that has generated all of this attention. I sprung from my bed and rushed downstairs into the office to investigate if this could be possible and sure enough I discovered several ways a self-published author can generate a buzz to promote their work. This would have sent me back to bed for a peaceful night’s sleep if I had actually done any of the things that were suggested, but no I haven’t bombarded strangers with unsolicited notifications or thrown good money after bad on any number of unscrupulous marketing schemes. I have joined several writers’ groups and created a page on the social networking site that is all the rage. I gave copies of my book to a small circle of friends, acquaintances, and one lady that I met in the grocery store while having a “discussion” with my husband by the gift card display. (I happened to have a copy of Summoning The Strength in my purse for just such an occasion.) Oh yes, and I started blogging. So, while I may have to experience quite a long ramp up time until my book makes it to the right people, I can rest easy with the knowledge of the physical law that I am built for endurance not speed. I have decided to provide some alternate contact information for the junk mailers and spammers just in case I start getting legitimate offers from people interested in my book.

Stephanie Briggs
Twenty-Four Seven Not Interested Boulevard
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    1. Ooh-rah Dirk! I am glad to see that a real person appreciates the message I tried to convey. This post generated some unwanted attention (as you might imagine) from some very crafty hackers. WordPress is working on it. Thanks for your comment. I hope to see you around the blogging hood. (Oh yeah and Roll Tide! I have to say it for at least a week.)

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