Blogging In The New Year

Eye witness accounts at the Dallas Galleria, the far, far, far north Texas “nation” casino, and restaurants & airports from California to the New York Island confirm there is no economic crisis. Parking was at a premium as crowds of shoppers, diners, and gamblers indulged from sea to polluted sea. Harvest time for the money lenders loomed on the horizon but it was business as usual as our brightest and best took a holiday from their senses. International media outlets report that personal responsibility is not a requirement for survival in the 21st century. Many are satisfied with a virtual existence in these early years of the new millennium. Eleven years have passed since the fuel hoarding and apocalyptic hysteria of Y2K. Protesters once again write the user’s guide for humanity as we approach 2012. What essential information can we expect to guide our actions in the year ahead? Bad credit? No credit? Don’t wait for someone to steal your identity, just put it on Craig’s List and see what you can get for it. The Mayan calendar cannot provide us with enough clues but maybe our hope lies in vampires to maintain civilization. AYKM??? (Practicing my Tweet Speak as a second language) Are we so diluted that we must resign ourselves to a future without genuine intellect? Ask not what your country can do for you but what….does anyone even know anymore? Baby Boomers, Gen Xer’s, Information Generation fear not. Resourceful people, all heart and muscle tempered with savage wit still exist to sustain life as we know it. Until those who never dodge a fight have fallen and can’t get up, there is hope for the promise of tomorrow. Happy New Year! It’s good to be blogging again.