What’s All This Blogging About, I Swear!

One forum for authors using Amazon’s CreateSpace self-publishing service has provided a wealth of useful information during the launch sequence of Summoning The Strength. Members of CreateSpace share advice  on how to overcome the challenges of self-publishing and best practices for marketing your work. Back in the olden days (actual timeline, a few weeks ago) I was reading some questions posted by other members and one in particular captured my attention. “Is profanity a deal breaker?” In that discussion people gave various examples of why the use of expletives is not only acceptable but also needed to add realism to a story and depth to its characters. I cannot disagree with that opinion, for I too have found that a properly placed expletive has the power to shock in speech and in writing.

I also think that gratuitous blah$%#%^ is both unnecessary to make a point and can be distracting from an otherwise interesting story. (Say for instance, Summoning The Strength, which is a great gift idea for the amazing women in your life!) Language should excite, provoke, inspire, and sustain us. We often take for granted our freedom of expression and in doing so weaken our ability to appropriately articulate a message. I will be the first to admit to not always realizing what is coming out of my mouth until it is passed my elbow but I often find that what I say should not so much be completely censored as it should be responsibly filtered because as I get older it becomes more important to me to be credible to anyone who might be listening to what I say.


Upon further review of the discussion thread about profanity, I saw from the date of the original post that I came late to the party on this topic, but in reading some of the earlier comments I discovered a reference to a book I had recently seen on the shelf in my local B&N. It was obviously a parody of a popular children’s book. I did a double take when I saw the ridiculous use of symbols to represent the actual four letter deal breaker and was compelled to pick it up to see what could possibly be worth the precious shelf space in this mega bookstore. I am pleased to report that after seeing for myself what passes for acceptable best seller material, my book is going to soar right to the top of the NY Times best seller list, curses, swears, and all! Preliminary reports (most from readers who know me personally and some who actually love me) have been positive and encouraging. We shall see. (read the book, read the book, read the book)

I am unplugging for the holidays. 

There may be a random post if there should happen to be a lull in the card playing, cookie baking, or movie watching with my family.

Until next year, PEACE from my house to yours.

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  1. She will post something tomorrow. I am one who knows AND loves her. And I have read the book (even when it was a neo-nate). Buy the book.

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