Blogging From The Heart

I am fascinated with the creation and evolution of all things that have substance. Not just the protons and such, but also genuine, relevant, and useful information.  Today’s post was going to be about my favorite people, places, and things.  I was going to share my heartbreak at the loss of my most cherished friend, Donna, who just recently left this life after a two-year battle with cancer.  I was going to say how lucky I was that she knew how to reach out to people with a genuine desire to make a lasting connection. I was going to say my life is richer because she chose me as her friend when she could have just as easily chosen not to, and while her death has left a gigantic hole in my heart her life filled my soul with laughter and courage. She came to visit me no matter where I was and I will miss her for the rest of  my  life.

Then I was going to write about Rocky Mountain National Park where I took my friend Donna when she came to visit me in Colorado. I was going to say that whether you stay in a YMCA of the Rockies cabin listening to the elk bugling or camp out in the crisp, clean, rarefied air, the experience is one of wild beauty. We are fortunate that some very thoughtful people, generations ago, saw fit to preserve this treasure for future generations.

Then just as readers were sufficiently inspired I was going to describe my favorite thing. Now, generally speaking I am not a thing kind of person, but I do like my car. A sassy, silver Lincoln MKZ. The license plate says HONIE but I like to call it Flash because it will get up and go when I need to get out of the way of drivers who think they are in NASCAR or idiots who text instead of drive! NOTE: Nothing you have to say is that important!

That post was not meant to be for early this morning I was yet again trying to glean some knowledge when I came across a post on another blog about the information generation. I would like to be able to link you to that post, but unfortunately, as I have said before, I am NOT tech savvy and I would rather run the risk of offending that very intelligent, obviously tech savvy blogger than not publish my own observations of the information generation because of a catastrophic failure caused by my effort to copy his link.

Last night I was out with my family at a restaurant. We like to sit at the bar because it’s a fun atmosphere. The bar tender is friendly and we appreciate that he takes the time to have a conversation with us in between making drinks and running food. Nice guy! Anyway, sitting there in the glow of beer signs and sport channels, people around the bar were not talking to one another. My own voice seemed too loud even though I was using my inside voice to tell my husband and my son about a YouTube video of the crew on the HMS Ocean that someone forwarded to me. (Maybe you saw it, if not you should.)

There was a man next to me and in the time it took for him to place a to go order and have a couple of drinks while he waited, he left three voice mail messages, had a very brief phone conversation about getting drunk and then sat there texting until his order was ready. Others at the bar were clicking out a thousand keystrokes per second (okay maybe not a thousand) with their heads down focused solely on getting their messages out past Neptune (because Pluto is no longer a planet) and back before their message was old news.  Today as I sit here my son is in the next room doing chemistry homework about gas laws. He just rushed in and asked me to look up the Kelvin to Celsius conversion on Google. Do you suppose Lord Kelvin or Anders Celsius ever imagined such a thing as Google? Or that anyone could just look up their life’s work in an instant? I leave you with this from the bottom of my heart.

Knowledge = Good      Ignorance = Bad      Texting While Driving = Just Plain Stupid