The Blogging Debate

Clearly there are much better ways to get people to notice you than repeating the same thing over and over. Or are there? Advertisers use repetition to woo us, lure us, and seduce us with jingles, catch phrases, and shocking images played ad nauseam until we are either whipped into submission or frenzy. It only makes sense that someone new to say, blogging, would use the oldest methods known to man to attract attention to what she has to, um, offer.

Read The Book Read The Book Read The Book Read The Book

The use of the word blogging from right to left in the titles of my posts is my novice attempt to establish a pattern. My style, if you will. So join the debate (or not) if you wish. It gets better, I promise. For now though, it is what it is. Thanks for reading. You’ve been a great audience. Check in next time for Blogging From The Heart, you won’t want to miss it!!