Honie Is Blogging! Seriously?

Emerging from networking purgatory, I have a new appreciation for IT guys, cable guys, plumbers, and sausage makers everywhere. Marketing is fun! That’s my new mantra and I am thrilled to finally be making some progress toward my ultimate goal of getting on the NY Times best seller list regaining my sanity.

Yes, that is correct. I have set a lofty goal for myself. For those who don’t already know me and how passionate I am about achieving my goals, let me give you the back story on how this whole blogging thing began. I was introduced to a circle of highly intelligent, fiercely independent, and absolutely hilarious women by a friend of a friend. A discussion of a personal nature turned into a writing exercise, and then for me, an obsession. I began to experience something that caught me completely by surprise.

I needed therapy.

Not the $$$$ per hour kind, but the sit still with your emotional baggage until the bus to epiphany comes along, kind. Although punctuation and other grammatical skills are not my strong suit, I managed to create an entire book out of the thoughts that bubbled to the surface.  I could not quiet them and for weeks, that turned into months, I made my way downstairs in the dark of night to work through this obsession on the PC. Hours would go by before I realized it was early afternoon. Crazy Good!

The moment of truth has arrived. Summoning The Strength, my first published work of fiction, is out there for the world to see. My friends and family have given me their support with feedback and the occasional chicken sandwich when I just couldn’t stop tweaking the thing long enough to prepare a proper meal. My gratitude to them is immense.

Get your copy of Summoning The Strength to share with the amazing women in your life.

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6 thoughts on “Honie Is Blogging! Seriously?

    1. Wendi,
      You are so kind. I hope you will share your thoughts about it with me. What a great fortune our connection with another amazing woman has given us. Many thanks to her and to you.

  1. Read the book and all those descriptors of that group of women sound just exactly like you. So you fit right in, didn’t you?

    1. Susan,
      I suppose I do fit right in the friends of a friend group. I am proud to be a part of it and hope to meet each of them face to face someday. Until then, sending much love and gratitude their way via cyberspace, the postal service, and vulcan mind melding.

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