Francine knew everything about expensive wine. Paul had taught her, patiently, lovingly. She would never forget the first time he took her to meet his family. His sister insisted on taking her shopping for a new dress to wear to their engagement party. Francine felt so loved, so accepted, so incredibly secure in the knowledge that her beloved came from a fine family. What a good life they had until painting began to consume all of Paul’s time.

What was he thinking? She had never been a blond. Francine mused as she decanted every last bottle into the punch bowl.


Love is in the air for Friday Fictioneers. Thanks to Janet Webb for the inspiration.

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27 Responses to Bittersweet

  1. Yes, but did she put the bowl in the ice or the ice in the bowl? Wonderfully done.

  2. Dear Honie,

    Paul’s not very careful, is he? Reminds me a little of Mr. Holland’s Opus when he became enamored with Rowena. Nicely written.



  3. Nan Falkner says:

    Honie, Very amusing and I love your story! Hope the wine in the punch was VERY expensive. Good job and good for Mrs. Cheatingratbastard too! Nan

  4. This painting brought out some great Friday Fictioneers. I got a big kick out of yours, Honie. Great last line. :-)

  5. Good story and very descriptive. I hope she doesn’t try to get revenge by drinking all that herself.

  6. claireful says:

    Ah, sweet revenge. I wonder if he’ll notice?

  7. Sandra says:

    I’ll have a glass of that…. lovely bitter sweet concotion. Well done.

  8. Poor Francine. And what a way to treat the best wines. Revenge?

  9. wmqcolby says:

    This guy’s last name wasn’t Gaugin by any chance, was it? (hee-hee-hee!) I know things would have gotten REALLY wild then.
    Fine narrative and sealed with a good jolt of life’s orange bitters.

  10. eLPy says:

    Bittersweet indeed! I think you’ve written to all the bitter hearts out there today. Great short piece though.

    Happy Valentine’s Day! ;-)

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