Time To Flip The Scrip

…and get over my-blogging-self

There are only so many clever ways to use the word blogging. I learn this each night when I go to bed (per chance to sleep) and again when I am awakened by something akin to the rush of a cheetah power surge. For someone who is an over-thinker, trying to stay two steps ahead is…well, anything after the first two steps can be tricky and takes time to master.

When you consider all of the learning that takes place in the first years of life, it is quite remarkable. We become verbal and mobile within just the first twelve months. We soak up knowledge like a sponge as we establish ourselves in the center of the universe. Over the next couple of years, we discover that we are social creatures who thrive on interaction all the while becoming progressively independent.

Our networking skill is enhanced as we fine tune the art of communication. Our portfolio increases 26% by writing letters and the possibilities become infinite with the addition of numbers. Our confidence grows as we learn to cut corners. (safely of course) Our creativity flourishes inside the lines and we learn to stand in lines with minimal whining. (We lose some of these abilities as we get older.)

By the time we have been on the planet for a decade, we are consumers of all things within our grasp and as we enter our teens, we know everything there is to know. A bizarre phenomenon that no one understands fills us beyond capacity and our sponge gets all wrung out from the squeezing and twisting that occurs when we discover the world does NOT revolve around us after all. For the next decade we become an absurd caricature of our former remarkable selves, still growing and learning, but opposing forces all around us. Finding our place in the world saddled with the enormous weight of all this knowledge is difficult, but it can be done.

This I know for an adult child told me so.

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2 Responses to Time To Flip The Scrip

  1. Honie Briggs says:

    Thank you for the kind words. Yes I do love to write. Summoning The Strength was a labor of love and I am having a love/no love relationship here at honiebriggs.com. Creating combinations of words and images is the love part. Being bewildered by the technicalities, not so much. I am making progress toward a love/only slightly dislike relationship, so stay tuned.

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