Out of the Mouths of Colossal Failures

I have been away too long, drifting in a sea of endless writing and loving every minute of it. My summer of literary analysis has been an eye opener, and it isn’t over yet. But the Friday Fictioneers were having fun without me, so, here are 100 words sure to put an end to the frivolity. Blame it on the educational system. Some days I wish I did not know all of the things I did not know before. Seriously, returning to school has been an amazing experience, each day more rewarding than the last.  Thanks to Sandra Crook for the photo prompt that crystallizes my last few months’ reading, pondering, and strategizing for what’s next.

Copyright Sandra Crook

The legislature convened one last time. Their work was done; only the long wait remained. The atmosphere was grave, but the legal battles were finally over. The line between law maker and law breaker had become indistinguishable, the law of the land irrelevant. They’d misjudged the distance from pioneer to pensioner, those damned explorers and their fatal progress.

“What is your problem?”

“Don’t ask.”

“Why didn’t you just say no?”

“This is your fault!”

“Go to hell!”

“Don’t tell me what to do!”

Two old enemies. Same old arguments. The world ended.

There was no child left behind.


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